Northrop B-2 Spirit

B-2 Spirit

The boomerang-like Northrop B-2 Spirit began as one of the best-kept secrets in history. Its sleek shape and special materials foil radar detection. The stealthy B-2 also flies very well with no fuselage or tail, using the flying-wing concept pioneered by earlier Northrop aircraft.

The B-2 is a triumph of technology in many ways, able to leap halyway around the globe on a strategic mission with just two pilots, located side-by-side in the crew compartment bulge. If the Cold War had continued, the B-2's stealth qualities, four powerful turbofan engines and lethal bomb laod would have made it the spearhead of nuclear forces.

The B-2 is also the most expensive warplane ever built, with a price tag of $570 million. As a result, only 20 of these remarkable bombers will be produced. In today's changing world, the B-2 is flexible enough to fly a long distance to a crisis zone with a highly accurate conventional bombs.

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