The longest-serving front-line warplane in history, the B-52 Stratofrotress was the right aircraft at the right time. It flew on April 15, 1952, and became the backbone of the West's nuclear preparedness; the had the need arisen, hundreds of B-52's would have headed for the Soviet Union to drop hydrogen bombs on key strategic targets.

The speical "Big Belly" B-52D could also carry a load of 108 conventional bombs, and during the Vietnam War 129 B-52s of several models carried out the December 1972 "Christmas Bombing," which was designed to force North Vietnam to the conference table.

B-52Gs flew the longest combat missions in history during Operation Deasert Strom, from Louisiana to the Middle East. Today, B-52Hs have both nuclear and conventional roles.

The "Buff" (Big Ugly Fat Fella) is one of the best-loved of all aircraft and can also operate at high levels or at very low levels on a terrain-avoidance, under-the-radar missions.

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