The Dassault Rafale is the air fighter of tomorrow, created by today's top scientists. Very soon, one- and two-seat Rafales will rise to take command of the sky, as France's navy and air force press these knife-shaped jets into action from carrier decks and airfields.

Thanks to its advanced propulsion and flight controls, the Rafale can change altitude abruptly in midair. Another maneuverability plus is the fact the pilot can steer in one direction and point his nose to shoot in another. This makes it look as if the Rafale is flying sideways. Or it can snap into a 180* turn in less space then any other fighter.

With this super agility, the Rafale pilot can rapidly get the jump on his opponent. He can then launch several missiles or move in close in for the kill with a rapid-fire 30-mm cannon. The duel is likely to be over in secounds- most often with the Rafale as the easy victor.

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