If Russia can overcome its economic hurdles and put this fighter into production, the Su-35 - recongized by its knife-like canard wings - will be one to beat. Earlier "Flankers" had outstanding agility and combat prowess, but needed improved radar and missiles. The Su-35 has the best of everything. A large jet fighter not nearly as heavy as it looks, the Su-35 is probally the world's best maneuvering aircraft in a dogfight.

The pilot of this incredible flying machine has a moderen glass cockpit with video displays, another improvement over the Su-27 "Flanker." Deadly at close quarters, the Su-35 also has greater reach than any other fighter in Russia or the West, able to launch missiles that can strike a target far beyond visual range, more than 250 miles away.

So far, only a few Su-35s are flying. The Sukhoi desgin bureau's challenge will be to secure production money for this potentially great warrior.

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